Corporate Investigation

Employee Background Check

A background check looks into a person’s criminal, personal and professional history to explore what validates or disproves their character and identity. A background check may delve into criminal records, employment history, civil records, personal references and an education check. However, this check may be broader or narrower, depending on the reason for the check and the client’s request.

Fraud Investigation

A fraud investigation determines whether a scam has taken place and gathers evidence to protect the victims involved.

Fraud is misrepresentation with the intent to deceive. For example, if a company makes a specific claim about a product and knows that the product won’t work as promised, they are guilty of fraud. Fraud is a very real and costly problem that causes loss of money as well as serious injury and sometimes even death.

Corporate Surveillance

A corporate surveillance investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties.

There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs. For example, corporate investigations can uncover if a business partner is legitimate, whether an employee is stealing from the company, or reveal fraud and embezzlement, just to name a few. A corporate investigator’s main job, though, is ensuring a company is running smoothly and within the law.

Corporate Security

The Corporate Security Investigator conducts complex and highly sensitive internal and external investigations to protect both company assets and employee .

Like corporate surveillance, there are several aspects of corporate security that can vary depending on the structure or an organization and its needs. Our corporate investigations team conducts several types of tests. Moreover, simulate scenarios to evaluate and adjust the security measures for better protection of a company assets and employees.  


Interview & Interrogation


We provide meaningful findings in cases of employee theft, fraud, and other crimes to businesses and HR departments. Interrogations conducted by private investigators are faster, and more successful than covert operations.