Bug Sweeps

Computer and Phone Forensics

Digital evidence is invaluable to modern investigations today. We can extract and analyze digital evidence from computers and cell phones to locate important data in emails, instant messages, web history, photos and deleted files. Our process includes consulting on a case by case basis, logging chain of custody, acquiring the data to be analyzed, investigation and full and detailed reporting and expert testimony.

Electronic Surveillance

Computer and Mobile Phone Surveillance

Information found on computers, tablets, and mobile devices can be valuable when conducting an investigation. It also can be used by others for nefarious purposes.

Computer Surveillance

From malicious spyware to an employee’s activities, it is increasingly important that businesses and individuals have a complete understanding of their computers. Failure to monitor a computer can result in crashes, lost data, or stolen information. Electronic surveillance can alleviate or eliminate fears business owners have regarding computer security.

Mobile Phone Surveillance

Electronic surveillance of mobile phones is quickly becoming a viable means of gathering information about an individual. Geographical location can be fairly easy to track and is helpful when determining where an individual will be in the future. More often, text messages and phone records are being used as evidence in court. For example, inappropriate phone interactions can be an integral part of an infidelity investigation, or can be used for nefarious purposes by others.

Hidden Camera Detection

Utilizing state-of-the-art counter surveillance equipment, Georgia PI can perform scans of your home or business to uncover hidden cameras and other eavesdropping devices. We will document all found device locations, determine sources, and prepare court ready reports and if needed notify appropriate authorities.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking devices may be utilized to track the movement of individuals under certain circumstances. These devices can also be used by others to track your movements. Georgia PI can assist by performing device scans and counter-surveillance procedures to protect your privacy.

Ethical Hacking

Importance of Ethical Hacking?

In the dawn of international conflicts, terrorist organizations funding cybercriminals to breach security systems, either to compromise national security features or to extort huge amounts by injecting malware and DOS Attacks resulting in the steady rise of cybercrime. Organizations face the challenge of updating hack-preventing tactics, installing several technologies to protect the system before falling victim to the hacker.

New worms, malware, viruses, and ransomeware are primary benefit are multiplying every day and is creating a need for ethical hacking services to safeguard the networks of businesses, government agencies or defense.At Georgia PI, our team of computer forensic experts can survey, access, and devise a plan to protect your company or personal computers from these types of attacks.